Frequent Asked Questions

Will my phone work with the apps?

That is why there is a free sample app on the welcome screen, for two reasons 1st because we wanted to show you how good our apps are and 2nd so you can test the app on your product, if it doesn't work with the android one try the web-based, as they are not all definite, for example the kindle fire is android? But you need to download the web-based for it to work!

What if the app doesn't work with my phone or pad/tablet?

Do not despair let us know via the contact us and we maybe able to create one for your product depending on the age and video format!

Is ccbill secure and what are they?

Ccbill are our billing provider and they are very good and secure so no need to worry, you can not use PayPal on Adult Material but ccbill is an adult alternative, check them out on line if you wish 'don’t just take our word for it!'

When I have paid through ccbill what happens then, how do I get the app?

Once you have had a successful payment you will be sent to a successful payment page and you will be automatically sent an email with a special link to you that includes the download page (important when filling in the purchase form at ccbill you must provide them with an email and this email is where your download link will be sent), so please provide a good email address one that is on your phone would be the best as the link will be clickable and you can then download straight to your phone, the link will only last for 3 days also if you add to your trusted sites it may help stop delivery going into the trash mail.

If you paid for one of our great memberships (Recommended) then you just go and download using the special members download now button under each app.

Can I cancel my subscription and how?

Canceling your subscription is very easy and can be done at any time, there is a cancel/modify my subscription button underneath each of the membership subscriptions on the membership signup page, all you need is your id number that is given to you when you subscribe and 2 forms of details that you have already provided to make sure it's you and follow the simple step by step guide, ccbill is very easy to contact if you have any problem with this, all details are given on the form.

Why does my link that you provided after purchase not work anymore?

As mentioned in the earlier answer the links only last for 3 days as that is ample time to download your app, if more time is required or there is a problem contact us but we may ask for your ccbill id and information of purchase.

What do I do if some of the app doesn’t work?

Contact us we test all our apps but sometimes problems creep through let us know and we will sort it.

What if the download button doesn't work?

If the download button doesn't seem to do anything? Contact us with the details and check if it's android that there is not a arrow on the top bar of your phone pointing down as it may have been downloaded and put there, you would then just need to drag your bar down and click on it to install.

Can I buy more than one app?

Yes on the ccbill billing form it asks you if you require to carry on buying so you can and as the links are sent to you, you are only limited on how many you can download on your phone. But I would look at the memberships it works out a lot cheaper than buying the apps one by one.

The link doesn't work what do I do?

If the link doesn't work just contact us with your successful purchase id and information and we will provide you with one that does.

On my iPad I just see the background no icons on the app?

If you see no icons on your app on the iPad you need to turn your iPad to see it in portrait.

On the videos when I click to load the screen goes black (blank)?

Some of the videos are quite large in size to keep the quality, so do take a little time to come in be patient it will be worth it, some can take up to a minute. If your controls come up and you still can not play, it may be that your memory card is full check the internal memory and the sd card has enough memory free this can cause problems if this is the case free up some memory or format the sd card but you have to un-mount it first then format it and remount it,  make sure you have backed up or removed any thing you want to keep before formatting  the sd card.

Can I download to my phone from my desktop computer?

Yes it is possible, if you are downloading the web-based app there is a QR Code under the download button all you have to do is download a QR Scanner from the app store there are loads of free ones and read that code, it will load the app for you. The other way and for the android is just type the unique code sent to you via email into your phone via the http: web bit and click on the download button for your product that will come up (you are limited only downloading 5 times though).  

What is the benefit with membership?

The lowest cost of an app is $2.95 if you downloaded 1 every other day which is the lowest monthly membership, it would work out to $2.95 x 15 =$44.25 price at the moment of Bronze membership is $17.00 for fist month then $12.00 recurring a saving of $27.25 on first month then $32.25 recurring that is taking the lowest priced apps there are more expensive ones, and the discount goes up the higher the membership, that is one good reason to become a member the others at the time I'm writing this is that the download is instant no waiting for emails and there is a members gallery updated with all the app pictures on this site and updated when new apps are added also access to full movie apps.

Do you have any video help?

Yes I have put in the YouTube help videos that can help you and will be adding more as time goes on.

Every time I click on the Android Paid Members Download Now button, it starts to download but it downloads as a downloadfile.bin and doesn't work?

This seems to have just started to happen after an upgrade on Google Crome and a few others the easy way round is downloading Opra search engine it's free and works.

Not allowing you to purchase as you already have an account with CCBill?

I have spoken to CCBill ref. this issue on 23rd November 2013 and it should be corrected in a few days.

Video not playing in browser i.e. safari on ipad?

If you are having problems playing videos on your browser, safari for example sometimes doesn't play videos on the ipad (may be fixed in later upgrades) easy fix is download another browser like Google Chrome browser app from the apps store on your ipad or device.

Video not playing on web app on iPhone 5?

If you are having problems playing videos in Web-App Mode on the iPhone 5 it seems to be the new  iOS 8 and we are working on it will be sorted soon.

My question is not listed here?

Please do not hesitate to contact us there is a 'contact us' .

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