You the customers want more, but the app marketplace is constantly censored or worse, completely blocked from your grasp.
Maybe you're feeling like your innovative juices are being squeezed by not having the apps you need to properly enjoy your phone.
Why should someone else censor your enjoyment? It should be you and only you!!

Keep reading and you'll find out the meaning of life... at least for an adult app lover! Joking!

Xrated-Apps is one of the leading Mobile Adult Application Marketplace worldwide.  We just launched our portal and mobile client for Android devices and through web-based iPhone and Smartphone devices too.  Since you somehow already know about us, that makes you pretty cool.  Now let's talk about what we can do for you.

Joining our motley crew you will be able to download quality hand digital crafted app's that include high quality video and high quality still pictures for your enjoyment, so what are you waiting for join now.

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